Green and prosperous world


H plus R cares about the earth and is committed to the ideal of preserving nature through the development of needed technologies. This is accompanied by our dedication to a total quality control system to help you eliminate environmental pollution and hazards, so that we may proceed without worry to manufacture and prosper, as well as to promote the well-being of our society. Only then can we truly achieve our goal of a green and prosperous world.


Design, manufacture and construction of water purification systems.

Design, manufacture and construction of sewage and industrial water treatment plants.

Design, manufacture and construction of air pollution control equipment.

Design, manufacture and construction of Antiflood pumping station project.

Design, manufacture and construction of incinerator and solid waste treatment products.

Design, manufacture and construction of environmental protection equipment.

Product Description


April, 88′

H+R Environmental Eng’g Co., Ltd. Establishment.

July, 93′

Outstanding Environmental Eng’g Company in Petro-Chemistry and Textile Dyeing Field-Evaluated by EPA.

July, 02′

Award International Bid – Lungmen Project 4th Nuclear Power Plant Units 1 & 2.

April, 05′

Award Shigang Dam Restrict Zone Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant (phase I),Capacity: 22,000 CMD.

January, 08′

Award Brandix India Apparel City Pvt. Ltd. – Effluent & Water treatment plant,Capacity: 60,000 CMD.

October, 09′

Award Long-Tan Water Treatment Plant Renew Project, Capacity: 140,000 CMD.

January, 14′

Award Southern Taiwan Science Park Phase II – 2nd Wastewater Treatment Plant, Capacity:20,000CMD

December, 16′

Centralized the office and factory from Xinzhaung to Taoyuan.

March, 17′

Award ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

September, 18′

Traveling Band Screen – Biomass power and environment protection equipment qualified by IDB.

October, 18′

Linkou power station unit 1& 2 Traveling Band Screen renewal project awarded 18th Public Construction Golden Quality Award by PCC, Executive Yuan.

Engineering Evidence

Mainland China, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Palau, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Italy, Egypt, Madagascar, South Africa, the United States and so on more than ten countries. Accumulated engineering performance of more than 250 (including domestic and foreign waste water treatment plant works, water and reusing of water projects, municipal water plant projects, anti-flood pumping station works and power plant works).

Foreign projects

more than 30 cases.

Domestic public works

more than 135 cases.

Other civil waste water
and water works

more than 80 cases


ISO 9001_2015證書(2017-2020)