Product Description
Jet Aeration and Mixing System

Product Description

Jet Aeration and Mixing System

Jet Aeration and Mixing System

Biological treatment is the most efficient and economic process of existing wastewater treatment method. Considering the wide application and convenience, aerobic process had been adopted in more than 80% existent wastewater treatment plants. The critical point of aerobic process is how to transfer the oxygen into wastewater efficiently and keep the wastewater well mixing.

H+R is able to provide wide range Jet Aeration and Mixing system per various arrangement based on our abundant project experience.

Various options:

Jet aerator can be tailor made per various basin dimension, and materials can be stainless steel or F.R.P.


1.Superior oxygen transfer efficiency.

2.Complete mixing function: can be used in standard or extended SRT, high MLSS and activated sludge process.

3.Oxygen supply and mixing function can be controlled separately.

4.Low power consumption.

5.The inner and outer nozzles were all constructed in one piece by molding to ensure the smooth plume.

6.Can be used in deep basin and high MLSS for space saving.

7.All fittings were corrosion resistant.

8.Low maintenance cost because of no rotation part submerged in water except submersible pump.

9.Low installation cost.

10.Can be self-cleaned by flush out system.

11.Conserve the thermal energy by submerged installation.

12.Can be wet installation.