Preserve a paradise for our descendants

“The water in the ponds overflows, small fish are everywhere, Hey big brother, Would you take us to catch some?….”is a familiar song that best depicts the many good times of our childhood.

However, almost imperceptibly many such good things in nature have come to exist only in our memories today, as we strive to achieve economic miracles and are immersed in the joy of our success.

No more are fish swimming in the river. No more are frogs humming in the ponds. The green grass is now all covered by waste containers. And we suddenly wake up to the gravity of the situation and actively seek proper remedies.

All H plus R employees, like all citizens in this world, cherish every bit and piece of this land in which we grow and live. Let us work hand in hand toward a cleaner environment for future generations.

H plus R cares about the earth and is committed to the ideal of preserving nature through the development of needed technologies. This is accompanied by our dedication to a total quality control system to help you eliminate environmental pollution and hazards, so that we may proceed without worry to manufacture and prosper, as well as to promote the well-being of our society. Only then can we truly achieve our goal of a green and wealthy world.