Product Description
Rod Type Lifting Device

Product Description

Rod Type Lifting Device

Rod Type Lifting Device


The general lifting device can be applied in actuating stop gates installed in all waterway.


The lifting device is consisted of the base plate, driving unit, hand wheel, opening indicator, emergency descending level and cam switch.


Single rods lifting device

Double rods lifting device

Opening Indicator:

Can be mechanical or digital display, waterproof and dustproof casing with converter can be installed on control panel for monitoring.

Cam switch:

Provides more than 3 contactors for multiple protection.

Overload protection:

Can be electrical or mechanical type, the lifting and descending protection torque can be preset separately.

Driving unit:

1.The gear box shall be total enclosed, oil bath type.

2.Consisted of driver and control box.



1.Easy operation / Maintenance

Package design with indicating lamps and alarm, accessible operation and maintenance.

2.Easy manual operation

The designed manual operating force is lower than 10kg. Non-return device is furnished for safety.

3.Self descending function

    a.The stop gate can be descended by gravity under auto or manual mode, the centrifugal breaker is provided for safety.

    b.Can be operated on site by operating the self-descending level.

    c.Can be operated remotely by press the push button.

    d.Can be matched with the level gauge or earthquake detector automatically.


The limit switches provided for over torque protection during descending and lifting travel. The approximate switches provided for full open and full close control.

5.High efficiency

High efficiency gear reducer.

6.Constant or dual speed option

The travel can be designed under constant or dual speed.

The dual speed was designed to run under slow speed during initially and ending stage. The fast speed shall be run during the middle travel.

7.Tailor made

The system can be tailor made per special requirement.