Product Description    

Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF)

Product Description

Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF)

Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF)

General Description

Dissolved air flotation system is an advanced equipment combined flotation and settling functions. High surface loading, short retention time and shallow water depth were uniqueness of this system compared to the conventional designs.


The air is pressurized to be dissolved in the Air Dissolving Tube, and the fine bubbles will be released when it is discharged into the open basin.

The diameter of fine bubble is 1μm approximately and the flotation velocity is about 15cm/min. The floc in the solution will be attached by fine bubbles and floated to the top of water. The flotation process will be completed within 3 minutes and consistency of buoyant sludge is 2-3% solid content.


1. Flotation cell

Circular tank made of stainless steel, capable to load the weight with full water.

2.Central rotation bearing

The central rotation bearing is special designed with precision fabrication. It is capable to support the half of rotation part and ensure the normal operation under any condition.

The center column is the inlet channel of influent.

3.Influent distributor

Distribute the influent into the cell evenly and steady for flotation separation.

Adjustable plates and air vent were furnished to adjust the influent distribution evenly in cell and release the excess air. The neoprene scraper was furnished on bottom of distributor to collect the settled sludge to sludge pit for removal.

4.Distribution rack

The rack is fixed on rotation walkway, made of steel angles. The rack is designed to eliminate the turbulent flow of influent.

5.Clear water discharge pipe

Consisted of 3 (Minimum) square pipes, located near bottom of rotation cell for clear water steady discharge.

6.Clear water outlet tank

The tank is made of steel plate and neoprene seals to ensure no contamination of influent.

7.Discharge weir

The weir is made of steel plate, the consistency of floating sludge can be controlled by adjustment of weir height.