Product Description
The Driver of Sludge Collectors

Product Description

The Driver of Sludge Collectors

The Driver of Sludge Collectors

The driver is used in circular (square) sedimentation tank or thickener, can be half bridge or full bridge types. The sludge collector shall be consisted of driving unit, center column (half bridge type),walkway and platform, rotating torque cage (half bridge type) or rotating shaft (full bridge type), influent feed well, collection arm, scum baffle, overflow weir, scum skimmer, scum box and scrapers.

The influent flowed into the feed well and dispersed to whole tank. Under steady state, the suspension solids will be coagulated together to be larger particles then settled to tank bottom.

By scraper the particles will be collected to the sludge well in center and drawn out. The grease or fine flocs will be floated on surface and collected into scum box for further treatment by scum skimmer.


The driver is consisted of motor, worm gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, pinion gear and internal ring gear. The torque indicator and overload protection device were furnished on the worm gear reducer for overload alarm and power shut-off at pre-set torque values.


1.High Transmission Efficiency

The main reduction mechanism is composed of planetary gear reducer, the transmission efficiency is high and space saving.

2.Manual Rotation System

Can be rotated by manual for tank bottom finishing.

3.Overload Protection System (Dwg.2)

The operation torque is indicated on the indicator. Alarm and power shut-off system were famished for overload protection.

4.Easy Installation and Maintenance

All installation and maintenance were completed on the operation floor easily and safely.

5.Perfect Package Design and After Service

Provide the total package of design, manufacture, installation, test run and after service of sludge collector completed with related steel structures.



1.Half Bridge Driver CD Series

CD series are used for central bottom influent design with tank diameter larger than 8M.

The driver is supported on the center column, the bridge is supported on this driver and tank wall. The torque cage was bolted on the casing of ring gear.

The torque range of this series is varied from 1,250 to 20,000kg-M.

2.CDF Series

The CDF series driver is similar to CD series except the extra variable speed flocculator in the influent column, CDF series driver combined the functions of flocculation and sludge collection. The influent will be coagulated in influent column then settled in the tank. The settled sludge will be collected by scrapers. The torque range and outside chart of CDF series driver will be same as CD series.

3.Full Bridge Driver TD Series

The TD series driver is designed for sedimentation tank or thickener which diameter is smaller than 8M.

4.TDH Series

TDH series driver is designed for sedimentation tank or thickener which diameter is larger than 8M and larger torque requirement.

The driver installed on the center of the bridge which supported on both sides of tank wall. The output shaft will connect to the center shaft and collection arms of the scraper.

This series is designed for high torque requirement such as chemical sludge sedimentation or thickening, the torque range is varied from 1,250 to 6,000kg-m.

5.TDR Series

TDR driver is similar to TDH driver except an extra lifting device.

Considering the fluctuation of sludge loading and occasionally shut-down, the lifting device is furnished for re-start overload protection. The standard lifting stroke is 300mm or per customer request.