Product Description
Grit and Grease Removal Equipment

Product Description

Grit and Grease Removal Equipment

Grit and Grease Removal Equipment

Aerated Grit and Grease Removal Equipment will be installed and traveling on the rectangular tank. By forced aeration, the grease and scum will be floated to liquid surface then skimmed to grease/scum pit for further treatment by surface skimmer. The organics attached on the solids will be detached by aeration.

The grit accumulated at chamber bottom will be pumped to grit washer for washing, the liquid in grit washer will be returned to grit chamber for further treatment. The cleaned grit will be collected in the cart for disposal.


1.Pre-aeration, improve the BOD & SS removal in followed treatment units.

2.Inorganic solids removal.

3.Collected grits can be disposed directly, no further treatment is required.

4.All moving parts and operation were on the traveling bridge.

5.The operation sequence can be set manually.

6.The traveling roller is made of special rubbers, no sliding concerns.Grit Washer


A vortex flow will be happened inside the grit washer when grit / liquid mixture was pumped into grit washer. The grit will be settled to the bottom of washer and liquid will be returned to tank by overflow.


a.The grit washer is a funnel shape made of steel plate, supported on the traveling bridge.

The inlet connection is located near the top of washer and a stop gate is located on the bottom.

b.The excess liquid in the washer will be drained by operating the liquid level adjustable rod when the accumulated grit will be discharged.