Engineering Evidence     

 Anti-flood Pumping Station

TimeProject NameCapacityLocation
2007/6Yun Lin County Government - High Speed Railway Yun Lin Station Turnkey Project5 CMS x 7 Sets
2005/3Taipei County Government - Taliaokeng River Sicheng & Tandi Ditch Engineering 
2004/5Taipei County Government - Jhongyang, Baociao Pumping Station Renew Project4 CMS x 7 Sets
2004/2Taipei County Government - Yonghe Pumping Station4 CMS x 2 Sets
2004/2Taipei County Government - Jhonghe Pumping Station4 CMS x 4 Sets
2003/2Wugu Township Administration, TCG 
2003/2HoKang Ditch & Minor Pumping Station Under Highway Project
2003/2Taipei County Grovement - She-Zi Island Bar Screen of 7th Station 
2001/7Kaohsiung County Government, Zihguan Township - Vegetable Zone Pumping Station3 CMS x 3 Sets
1999/4TUDB - The fuel and cooling water system improvement of Tucheng Pump Station 
1999/4TUDB - Urgent repair on Tucheng Pumping Station Suffered from ZEB typhoon of Tucheng pump station